The module category Conceptual learning modules is the place to find our communities' most up-to-date available module designs, organized by projects and thematic areas, related to understanding human origins, diversity, and flexibility in relation to human well-being and sustainability. We collaborate with scientists and educators around the world to organize, develop, and synthesize interdisciplinary evolution, behavior, and sustainability science into resources that are meaningful and practical for a wide range of classrooms.

Critically, this is an evolving process itself! This is not a static and finalized collection of self-study modules or MOOCs. Rather, the OpenEvo learning hub aims to be an educational innovation design lab for motivated high school students, pre-service and in-service educators, as well as scientists interested in understanding and integrating evolutionary concepts across disciplinary contexts. 

Across thematic areas, modules are organized in different formats, including SELF-STUDY (anyone can enroll as an individual learner), INSTRUCTOR-LED (includes resources to teach the module with a cohort and with synchronous elements), and REPOSITORY (an open collection of a variety of resources and activities around various content).